Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Do You Think

Some People are excited or the whole place is just being extreme
about fall?


racheld said...

I think it's absolutely wonderful! I haven't done any real decorating---still got pink and lace and stuff all around, but I woke one day last week to a great arrangement of pumpkins and pretty corn and lots of odd, colourful gourds in a fabulous display on the dining table. He must have bought out a stall at the Farmers' Market.

Yours are absolutely charming---I so love that the little "folks" are of "a certain age" with their graying hair. You gotta LOVE a GrannyCrow. I'll bet she gives out the best treats on the block for Halloween.

Y'all enjoy!


Ginny Hartzler said...

I especially love the hair and the hat! SO cute! Scarecrows spell F-A-L-L.

Charlene said...

Good Morning Patsy, I love the GrannyCrow. I actually enjoy the fall decorations as much or more then Christmas. Happy Fall to you and Bennie. Tell Anna hello for me.

Simply Linda said...

Loveeeeeee it Patsy...all is good here, I was off for mini break and got some decorating done as well. Waving to Bennie. smiles

Mildred said...

I love to see Autumn decorations. These days, the stores hardly allow us to celebrate Autumn and Thanksgiving for rushing Christmas.

Mari said...

They are awfully cute!