Saturday, October 8, 2016


Whats up with the gardener?
We go from this,

 to this
 To this stubs
Poor Holly Trees
Loud cries about it , but he said it will grow back and
managed better.


Charlene said...

Sure hope they grow back. I imagine the gardenor knows. Happy Saturday.

Ginny Hartzler said...

What happened to it? Do you know the old legend? If there is a large holly tree by your house, it cannot get stuck by lightening. Something about the shape of the leaves.

racheld said...

ButBUTBUT---this is the season for HOLLY! Christmas wreaths! Door arrangements! Little groups and sprigs around candles on the table! A tiny corsage to wear to the Kids' program at church or school!

For goodness sake, don't let him near your hairdo.


says rachel, still bitter about all the silver maple saplings we'd planted so laboriously around our first house in Mississippi. They were hard to come by, and we'd dug about forty holes in that gumbo. One day I came home from work and looking down the long drive, something was just not quite RIGHT about my lawn.

My FIL had told two of the farm hands to go around to all the ditches and spray them with grass-killer, and they'd done the ditches all right, including the one fronting my lawn. And the guy had to step up ten feet from the ditch to my row of maples, and he yellow-killed them, one spray at a time, every one. Poo.

L. D. said...

So he is going to make it start growing as a very short bush at the ground. What a change.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow he scalped it:(

Winifred said...

Is it a communal garden?

I don't like the fashion for flat tops on trees. Much prefer the traditional looking ones. I suppose he knows what he's doing with that holly bush he's decimated!