Thursday, May 19, 2016

What A Good Boy

and girl, we went to the Exercise Room
Oh I mean we old people are trying to get fit???
 I was on the bike, you can see the Bennie in the window looking
out in the pool after he worked out.
 He got in to the whirl pool
I missed getting a photo of him floating in the big pool. 
Are we having fun or what??


Karen said...

I admire you for exercising. I know it helps me. I should do more!! Glad you can enjoy it together.

Ginny Hartzler said...

So where is this room? Do you go regularly? Like it? Good for you both! That would take some gumption for me.

Simply Linda said...

Living the dream, friend, living the dream, smiles and giggles.

Patsy, I have to take a Health and Wellness (P.E.) class next semester...won't that be a hoot? (more giggles)

{{{{{Waving to the Bennie}}}}

Mildred said...

That hot tub would be very therapeutic. You both seem to love your new home and all the nice amenities. So happy for you. xoxo

Sparky said...

Ever since we bought that NordicTrack, we've been exercising more. Sure makes one feel better, don't it?! Glad y'all are enjoying all the perks of community living. Howdy to The Bennie. ~:)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

You are living the life of Riley my friends :)
I used to use the hot tub at work when I leased apartments for a short while, especially in the wintertime.
The Benny looks like he's enjoying himself, and kudos to your exercise routine.

JoeAnn 👌 said...

It looks like fun. Enjoy yourself!

Mari said...

Good for you! How nice to have a pool!

racheld said...

LIFE OF RILEY! WHat a treat to be amongst folks who understand and remember that!

Y'all just chose the perfect new home, with all those friends and socials and such fun activities. We're joining the Y this Summer, for the GRANDS mostly. You just enjoy your heart full.


L. D. said...

The pool is the reward.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The Bennie is rockin that Hot Tub! :)