Monday, May 16, 2016

Here It Is

Monday , the weeks go so fast but looking so forward
to January???
This Maybe  a long hot summer.

 We Have new neighbors, On the other side of the street. 
the (Mid South Sikh Sabha Religion)
 Hindu and peace loving people, many of the Doctors in our city 
come from theses people. Just wonder what they think
of our Christian Community? This side of the street is all
Crosses , Church and gated to keep us old people in check. LOL
Would you think safe place to worship your GOD!!
 Went to the pool for water aerobics this morning , I think it is helping me stay mobile.
  The Bennie went to coffee
This is Sue's sitting space, she always sees me with=== now you are Bennie's wife
what is your name?

Have a good week and don't be to shocked with the news of how our government
is helping us  by changing America !


Simply Linda said...

You really don't need me commenting on the changes that the government is making, do you? (smiles)

I don't know much about the Hindu faith--so I really can not comment on that. Not many foreign/Hindu doctors up here, my son sees a Irish doctor and a English one and my husband a English doctor and his ear doctor at the VA is Egyptian.

I am giggling over, "What's you name?" Blessings to Patsy.

Mari said...

Hello Benny's wife! That made me laugh too. As for the government - aagh!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I think they should outlaw inside bathrooms and go back to outhouses:) Hi to Bennie's wife and the Bennie too! :)

L. D. said...

I remember being called Andrew's dad. All of the things that are coming down from the top give me a headache.