Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Have Lost

My interest  for this quilt , when we moved I gave
away all my quilting  supply. But for some reason I keep this.
Lots of work went in to it. So Anna my friend said shame ,shame
to not finish it so she is taking it home to work on it. She will
do a good job, she hand quilts all of her work.

Thank You Anna!
I had a room to sew in before now there is no room to set
up all it takes to sew.


Ginny Hartzler said...

It is gorgeous and cheerful! To me, it looks like lots of colorful umbrellas!

Simply Linda said...

I was thinking the same thing as Ginny, it looks like umbrellas and happy ones at that, smiles...awwww Patsy, I was so hoping you would go back to quilting. smiles

Mildred said...

It is so pretty. Happy to hear that Anna can complete it!
Have a nice evening.

Charlene said...

I love this quilt. It is so colorful and cheerful looking. I have always liked that quilt pattern. Happy Quilting Anna.

racheld said...

You are quite an artist in a lot of things---impressive.

That putple and plum flower (wheel) is especially gorgeous. I love that she's getting herself all quilted up to show off her whole beautiful self. And what lovely FRIENDS you've made!

says rachel, who has had a Sunbonnet Sue pieced top folded in the guest room garment press since about 1955.

Sparky said...

That's a pretty quilt. I gave up all my crafting and sewing equipment, books, patterns, supplies, etc. to a lovely shut-in elderly lady a few years ago when I was in so much shoulder & neck pain. Now that's healed but the hands are no longer willing. Oh well. I miss it. Guess my knees are next thing to go ... *lol* ~:)

L. D. said...

It looks beautiful. Maybe you could make lap quilts that are of great art quality to hang on the wall.

Mari said...

It's so pretty! You are blessed to have a friend to finish it. It'll be a treasure when it's done.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You can always hand sew !! I did my Grandmothers garden all by hand, it is nice just a small box of supplies I could take anyplace:)

Latane Barton said...

I, too, gave up quilting but not because of the move. It hurts my hands now. But, you know, I keep wondering why I did all those quilts when I didn't need them and gave most of them away. But, we do what we do when we do it because we love it at the moment.