Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cold As Heck

Down at the pool this morning, the water was not very warm.
Silly me complaining, never had a pool must less and indoor one.
We had six lady's that came ,some have dropped out to cold from them.

The Pool

 Yesterday at Jason's Deli I had a big Salad
 With French Onion Soup so good.
After I posted about my "Happy" sink problems, I then read other post.
I saw where poor Far Guy  was in deep back up drain trouble.
Made me feel bad with all the happy, happy I had posted.
Far Side said they did get things fixed, so glad for them they had lots of help.
After we came back from lunch The Bennie Called again about our sink.
They came about 4:00 and put in a new garbage disposal ( the Bennie just watched 
the man work). Bless his pea pick in heart.


L. D. said...

Yep, it looks like they got all the right connections done for everything to work. I need to buy a new disposer. It is too bad they cant crank up the heat on the pool area to help get the water warmed a little bit.

Mildred said...

I hope they get the temp in your pool a little warmer. Glad that both you and Far Guy have your plumbing problems under control. John's favorite soup is what you enjoyed for lunch!

Sparky said...

The *only* thing I miss about living in an apartment is the pool. We sure used ours a lot, but that was in North Florida. Much warmer there. So happy to hear the sink is back in working order. ~:)

Lady Jane said...

Onion soup is one of my favs too. Glad the sink is fixed. You are brave to go into the pool when the water isn't hot. Getting there actually wouldn't be a prob for me but going out if it is chilly outside I wouldn't like, lol.... Hugs, LJ

Mari said...

I went out for lunch yesterday and had French Onion soup too! Yours looks better though. Glad that sink is fixed!

Far Side of Fifty said...

So glad your sink is fixed! We all survived plumbing problems, it could have been worse! I am thankful to my nephew and brother who were available and able to fix the problem! WE are all bad to normal...if there is a normal! Maybe you gals need wet suits to wear at the pool:)

Karen said...

Ooh that soup looks good for a cold day! Good for you, exercising in the pool!

Winifred said...

Great to have a pool so close. I went for a swim today at our local pool I love it but hate coming out into the cold. Must take a hat next time. One thing if the water is cool then there will be less bugs in it!