Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Happy day

Daughter called yesterday , said I want to take you out for lunch!
Pick where you want to go. It didn't take long for The Bennie to say.
He picked up a Jason's deli menu not long ago.

But the other happy news is, Our sink has spring a leak now you say
how happy can that be???
The Bennie is happy he want have to fix it. Just call  the office and say come fix this.

Now we wait and see if they come before our lunch date.
Just hoping you all are having  a happy day.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope they fixed it and you went out for a great lunch! We are all back to normal today...normal is good:)

Sparky said...

I'll bet the luncheon was scrumptious plus the added treat of being with your daughter. Sounds like a perfect day. And here's wishing that the sink is now repaired and everything is back to normal. ~:)

Mildred said...

That is nice to have someone to repair your sink for you!
I look forward to hearing about your lunch.

racheld said...

Doesn't an impromptu invitation to lunch say I Love You in a really special way?

I've just been looking back at your blog, and the post on Peter Marshall was a lovely one---I well remember the movie. They showed it with a projector in our school auditorium sometime in the early fifties.

Have you read the book "CHRISTY" by his wife Catherine Marshall? I think you would love it---I read it every few years. It's about her own mother, who left a fairly wealthy home in NC at nineteen, to go teach in a one-room school way in the Appalachian mountains, and all the people and hard times and moments of glory she encountered there. You and I still know some of those people of the old talk and the old ways, I think, and we understand the language perfectly.

Another book I think you'd like is "The Gown of Glory," by Agnes Sligh Turnbull, about a small-town preacher's family in the early 1900s. It's just sweet and imspirational and such a good story. I think they're both on NOOK or KINDLE and on audiobooks, as well.

I love sharing good reading with friends. I'm into the second of the "LONGMIRE" books right now---he's such a good, honest, honorable man, and the writing is far above anything I've read in a long, long time. You shiver right through that long trek through the snowstorm, right along with him.

Must get back to work---yesterday was Chris' birthday and we were lazy, and went out to Benihana for supper. THAT'S an experience.

stay well and warm,


L. D. said...

Having worked under the sinks in my live to do work, it is a hard think to do. I think I would rather go out for lunch.