Wednesday, August 19, 2015

To Much Stuff

We got the house listed, been cleaning out and packing.
Where did all this stuff come from?? I am finding things
I forgot I had.
The Late blooming  Zinnias are open
This was from last year.
There will be flowers where we are going----just not mine.


Anonymous said...

I pray that the Lord will send someone special to buy your current home who will love and appreciate your pretty flowers. You will enjoy your new place and learning about the flowers planted there. There will be new activities, new places to visit and family nearby. You both are in our prayers. love you.

Simply Linda said...

{{Patsy}} Keeping you in prayer...I can't wait to hear about your new adventures. Blessings

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I hope your new adventures are a joy to you both.
Sometimes change is hard, but often necessary, lots of work ahead, yes, where do we accumulate so much stuff :)

Winifred said...

Oh dear I was hoping you could take some of your lovely flowers with you. Never mind look forward to seeing what blooms in your new home's garden.

I know what you mean about stuff! I vowed I would never move again when we got this house over thirty years ago it was so awful. Now I think we really should consider it as I'm such a hoarder. Every room is choc a bloc! Even the garage where my son's MG Midget is still housed is stuffed. He left home about 12 years ago!

I'll pray the house moving fairy comes to help you. Best of luck Patsy & Benny.

Sparky said...

This feels kinda sad for me. I can't imagine not having my own yard. Or at least some plot of earth that I could plop a tomato plant in or something. I pray that the move goes smoothly. Be sure to share photos of the new place. Hope y'all make lots of nice new friends too. Have a blessed evening. ~:)

Charlene said...

We all have so much stuff. You and Bennie are going to love your new place. I have only a few pots of flowers as the watering was so hard every summer. Hope you house sells quickly. Prayers for you and Bennie as you start this next chapter of you life.

Mari said...

Cleaning out a whole house is a lot of work!
I'm glad you'll still have flowers to enjoy.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Do the best you can Patsy, we all have too much "stuff". I hope your home sells fast and I hope that The Retirement Community you are going to is close to relatives and that you both like it there:)