Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Just And Old Scare Crow

My lilies are growing well around the sump pump. hoping they will cover it.
But trash collects around them.
So I was out cleaning up-- it is NOT cool out there. Where is the cool they said was coming.
The Bennie called to my attention that some of my photo's that I photo shop are not labeled
and I am miss leading information. Sorry, so from  now on they will say if they are photo shopped.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

I hope your lilies grow well and are happy in their location.
I think lots of people use photo shop and other photograph programs, I wouldn't think you had to disclose that...
Oftentimes the enhancements can be tweaked directly on the camera.
It's HOT, I'm ready for Autumn :)

Love Of Quilts said...

We don't mine how you do your photos, I should say I don't mine, sure no one else does either. JUST LOVE THAT YOU SHARE THEM.

Anonymous said...

It might be 10 degrees cooler here today. I am looking forward to less humidity. Won't be long until we see lots of scarecrows, pumpkins etc. I bought some tasty apples today!

L. D. said...

We cool done to unusual temps but the days are building in heat each day.

Mari said...

I don't care if you label when you photoshop either.
It got really cool here last night, but it warmed right back up.

Simply Linda said...

It was cool here yesterday and last night---but it is suppose to warm up to a balmy high 80's, sigh, that's northern NY for you in middle/late August.

I love all the photos you share, regardless. Have a beautiful Thursday, friend.

Sparky said...

No need to label them. Most people with a brain know that we all doctor out photos a bit. Cute scarecrow. Reminds me that Fall is on the way! Yay! ~:)