Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Weeks Go So Fast

When you are getting old it is just one more day, but remember when
you were young and it was time to kick up your heels?
A movie , a party, a date
What did you do are do now on a Saturday night?


Vee said...

Odd duck I am because I have always lived a quiet life even as a young person. Never liked the Saturday night scene. I'm still doing what I've always done right down to eating the same meal. Toss me out of this survey! =D

Simply Linda said...

Hmm... TV, in bed by 10, lol. Same old thing since I had a son 18 yrs ago. How sad is that?---giggling over Vee's comment. Blessings Patsy.

Linda E said...

Always preferred being at home, having friends come there.

Marie C said...

I remember when Saturdays were SO important! :-) Not so much now....getting old, for sure!

Winifred said...

Used to watch telly but there's so much rubbish on in summer I mainly watch older stuff & repeats of classic comedies.
Some good programmes no doubt coming up on BBC in Autumn. Hopefully a new series of Polders and maybe Death in Paradise. Wish they would do some more Inspector Montalbano & Docs Martin.

Also have been knitting and catching up with emails.!

Anonymous said...

In college days, I enjoyed movies and House of Pancakes afterwards. Nowadays, I don't like movies and if we go to IHOP, we got early to get the sr. discount!!! lol

Sparky said...

I guess I've always been a bit of a curmudgeon. Weekends are to be dreaded at this stage of life. It means that everyone else is home and up to mischief. Mondays are my favorite day since it means all the bad kids are back in school and their non-parents at their employment. Returning to how I employ my time on the weekends: it's mostly working around the estate or playing on the computer with an odd trip to the DQ just to shake things up. ~:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

In High School I was only allowed to go out one night...Friday or Saturday and not both. On Saturdays I has to dust, clean the bathroom and kitchen and buff the hardwood floors and scrub the others. I hated Saturdays. IF the work wasn't done, I could not go out. Many times a date would come to pick me up and I was still doing supper dishes.
So I really looked forward to my nights out away from I was a responsible teen.
Now a days we stay home on Saturday nights, we may have the neighbors over for a game of cards once in a while. Too many drunks on the highways on Saturday nights. :)