Monday, February 16, 2015

Not Snow

but ice, we have joined the February winter and they say the snow is coming. 

 It is very cold today

so I think I will just stay in and sew. 


Charlene said...

We have about five inches and stil falling. Good day to stay in.

Carol said...

We had ice followed by snow. Travel is discouraged.
Are you on Facebook, Patsy?


A Brit in Tennessee said...

State Troopers say our roads are impassable, a great day to stay home.
I'm happy to be able to do so.
Enjoy your sewing day Patsy !

Ginny said...

We are getting the snow right now! Could be up to ten inches! I am fine with that as long as the power doesn't go out!

L. D. said...

Snow on top of the ice will make it more dangerous. Do stay inside.

Sparky said...

Pretty pictures, though, but staying inside sounds like a good plan. ~:)

Winifred said...

Sounds like a good idea. I hate going out in snow & ice. Take care.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Stay safe and warm! We are very cold. I sewed a whole quilt by hand with that Grandmothers Garden octagon blocks. I would like to do another someday. Hi to the Bennie:)