Saturday, February 7, 2015

Can You Stand One More

Sky Photo?

I have a new App Moon Phase on my Ipad 
Beautiful Photo's of the moon, in real time

This is the 88% waning Gibbous Moon


racheld said...

Always. I got a glimpse of it, shining and bold, just at floor level (I was downstairs and Caro opened the back door) as she left for work last night. I gazed and gazed as she stood in the door saying Goodnight.

I used to most love "Moonsleep" nights when I was a child---the big moon would peek right in my window for hours, it seemed, and I would pretend I was a Moon-fairy in my flower, being lulled to sleep.


Simply Linda said...

Oh how pretty. It has been so bright here at night, almost like daytime. Blessings

Ginny said...

This is totally amazing!!! Did you take this picture, then the app edited it?

Mari said...

That's gorgeous!