Friday, October 24, 2014

Is It Just Me Or

is there many more Pumpkin products of foodstuff out there this year!!!!
and cheese cake that I had at Olive Garden. I have got to stop, pounds are upon me.
Move on fall and so I can fight winter foodstuff. 


Anonymous said...

It all looks so good, Patsy. I served pumpkin cake roll to my friends yesterday from the bakery. The upcoming holidays will be bad for our waistlines!!!

Simply Linda said...

I have noticed that too...I love everything pumpkin!! Blessings

Mari said...

It's everywhere. It seems there's more every year, and it's good too!

racheld said...

Thee and me, Hon. I have Pumpkin Pie Spice sprinkled on my coffee this time every year, and I have that flavor creamer on my grocery list for tomorrow. Sounds rich and yummy.

And I've just printed out a recipe for Pumpkin Butter (like Apple Butter, dark and fragrant with spices). I'm gonna try a jar for my DDIL, for she says she misses the Pumpkin pies her Grandmother used to make, and it's the only one she likes, for it's "strong with a lot of spice."


Plus, we've got about a twenty-pound white one out on the bench on the patio. I've never seen anyone COOK with a white one, and much prefer the canned because it's cooked down low, without all the water content of fresh.

L. D. said...

Oh you have some delightful shots of some great food. I saw the pie and I was jealous and then I kept going down the line and I would say I will join you to eat everywhere you are going.