Monday, October 27, 2014

All Cleaned Up

And waiting for this warm weather to get back in the cool mode so I can plant my winter sun shine  plants. ( pansies)
 Not much blooming here

 These plants will die with the first frost.


racheld said...

Miss Patsy,

Your "last roses of Summer" are valiantly hanging in there. We've already brought in everything but the ficus, and it's almost too big any more to put in the house.

Our hostas have faded to that banana-yellow, almost ready to shear off at the ground, and we're leaving the leaves again this year, in all the beds.

It's been absolutely glorious here for the past two days, and hope your weather is splendid, as well.


racheld said...

I meant to add that the sight of coleus always makes me smile. My Mammaw had them all over the yard, and all up and down the steps and on the porch in pretty pots and cans.

She thought of "coleus" as plural, just like she'd say dahlias, I think, for if she gave you one of the pots to take home, she was giving you a "colea."

And one amaryllis was an "amarillo." Don't we have some funny, sweet memories?


L. D. said...

Your flower beds sure look healthy and a lot more alive than mine. I see you have a lot of iris invested in places for great spring blooms.

Mari said...

It's warm here today - 75! But snow may be here by Friday. I bet your cool weather is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy, I am waiting on cooler weather to buy pansies too. Our vinca blooms are looking poorly but I will leave them until we buy pansies.