Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Fall Flowers

We did fine just lots of rain and wind but some of our neighboring counties
had damage and there was one death .
Fall is here and it is cool. These are some of the photo's around town.


Sallysmom said...


Simply Linda said...

The Mums are pretty. I saw on the Weather Channel this morning that a woman died in the next county over where we use to live in Alabama..how sad..I certaintly do not miss torando alley. Keeping you in prayer. Blessings

Mari said...

Very pretty!

Ginny said...

So there are still flowers blooming there. Almost none here except the mums. We are to have very bad weather and the town is preparing!

Lona said...

Your Mums are just so pretty Patsy.

racheld said...

I'm so glad you're safe and well, and so sorry for the loss of life in the storm.

Our skies cleared off really early, though a BIG green splotch went right up east of us, with a LOT of rain.

Take care of you.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear you weathered the storm well! The Mums are so pretty:)

racheld said...

Just coming back to mention that I just had a bowl of pot likker and cornbread for lunch (well, it makes a good soup), from the greens I cooked last night. They were two packages of PictSweet, from the freezer at the store---if Y'all like greens, these were splendid. They'll be our Winter stand-by from now on.


Winifred said...

Glad you're safe, your flowers are lovely. Gorgeous colours.