Friday, May 9, 2014

You Would Never Guess

What I have been doing!!
-iPads are wonderful-
I made a big mistake on the quilt and said, self why do you just keep on. So to soothe me I wanted music. I was browsing and saw Christmas music, can you believe it? It was 181.FM Christmas Standards. There were 12.9 follows listening.
By the way it was Perry Como


Ginny said...

My mom used to love Perry Como, he was her favorite. Before he became famous, he was a barber. And he always kept his barber's license updated because he said there are no guarantees with fame.

Simply Linda said...

{giggling} That's ok, my 17 yr old has been singing, "Oh the weather outside is..." Yeah..Christmas songs. LOL--I hope you can fix the mistake. Blessings

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

@Ginny ~ Now I didn't know that about Perry Como. I admire his philosophy. I've tried to live the same way.
@Patsy ~ Very cool indeed. Hope the quilt can be repaired.
God bless. ~:)

Marie said...

Hope you were able to get things back on track with the quilt! Christmas's always a joy!