Friday, May 2, 2014

Well Look At That

My ditch lily had a baby in that cold winter we had.
 This is Autumn Royalty Azalea I have three, they looked so bad
I didn't think they would make it.


Mari said...

Nice ditch baby!
We have some plants that came back that we thought were done in by the winter too.

Ginny said...

Green signs of spring, finally!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

How sweet !
We have lost many plants and bushes because of the colder than normal winter.
Glad to see yours are reproducing !

L. D. said...

Our season started so late this year I am waiting to see how many roses that I have lost or are they just slow reviving. You do look good and green

Anonymous said...

I love plants that multiply!
Hope the azaleas make it just fine.
Enjoy the pretty weekend.

Lona said...

I am glad your azalea made it through Patsy. I think my Golden Lights is kaput. That is so good you have babies from your Ditch Lily. They spread fast around here. I planted three in my woodland bed last Fall and hope they take over the woods. LOL! Have a lovely weekend.

Maggie Ann said...

I'm so glad you got that app ! I've been taking pictures all day off & on. Then turning them into water colors for the collage app. What fun :)