Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I wanted to run and play in it.
Well  not for real


Anonymous said...

We received some rain yesterday! It's very welcome, isn't it?

Carol said...

Some parts of Tulsa got rain yesterday, but not at our house. :-(

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I always want to run and play in it, and today I did !
Happy to read you've recieved a shower or two, makes life more tolerable :)

racheld said...

After the heat and the crisp-brown of the grass, with so many wilty plants and the AIR so still and HOT, the unexpected rain a couple of weeks ago sent us all out into the yard, like those movie people who run out and caper in the storm after a Summer-long drought.

We were just silly with it, and didn't care if we were soaked to the skin---I ran out to help Chris in with the groceries, and we were just like little kids stomping in puddles, with our hair plastered down our faces.

None since, and the grass is just old straw wisps, and we haven't had to MOW in six weeks.

I hope yours was "standing in the middles."

Winifred said...

Well I've had more than enough of the rain Patsy and it's been so cold. It's hardly stopped for weeks now, lots of places are flooded and it's the same in most of the country. Everything is being cancelled, school sports days, summer fairs, golf competitions in fact any outdoor event is very lucky to go ahead.

The Olympics may well be a wash out if the weather doesn't improve. I can't ever remember a summer like this & believe me I've known a lot of summers.

Well every morning I get up & hope I'll see some sunshine. Maybe tomorrow!

Barbara said...

Come visit, it has been raining for months!!

Gardening with Juanita said...

It rained here for over a week everyday, now the sun is shinning and it is so hot. We will have to start watering in two or three days