Saturday, July 7, 2012

84 year ago

on July 7 1928 a baker in Chillcocthe Missouri. Frank Bench was on the brink of bankruptcy. He bought a multi-bladed, medieval- looking , bread-slicing gizmo and introduced the world to the great idea to which all future great idea would be compared.
In the 1940's my father worked  for Hart's Bread in Blytheville Arkansas. Moved to Paducah Ky and build a bakery there ,moved to Memphis Tn started a bakery there in late 1940's.


Carol said...

Very interesting!


Anonymous said...

Well, I learned something new today. We passed by our favorite bakery today but resisted the urge to fill up on all the goodies!

Maggie Ann said...

No kidding! that is interesting. The man that used to teach us to do stained glass....used to work for I think it was the 'Bunny' bread company around here. When he was young. He's passed on now.