Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trivia Saturday

Did you know that in Iran the hollyhock is an ancient herbal medicine, a drink made of the flower boiled in water, is well know for the treatment of dry cough, respiratory disease, bowel irregularity and menstrual irregularity. There are about 60 hollyhock species.

I would not try this but I would like to know if they still use this in Iran.This is my ditch hollyhock that planted it self, it is said that they have very deep roots and do not transplant well .
The roof top hollyhock.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

One of my favorite English cottage garden flowers, and thriving beautifully in yours !
Didn't know about the medicinal purposes, you learn something new everyday !

Lona said...

Hollyhocks are always one of those reliable flowers that I look forward to each year. Wow Patsy that is a tall one. How wonderful.Have a great weekend.

Lynda said...

Interesting about its medicinal use for respiratory, digestive, and reproductive organs! That is one tall plant!