Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New blooms:

Every day we have first blooms of May.

This is the (Rose for a Cause) Pope John Paul II

Soft white with a cream center, it will bloom all summer and the smell is fresh citrus.

When you buy ten percent of net sales benefit poor of sub- Saharan Africa, one of the late Pontiff's closest concerns.

The AARS Winner" Peace " rose with a stunning bloom.
This rose will put on a show all summer.

Dolce "Creme Brulee" is blooming it's not very impressive flower, but this Coral Bell does have a very impressive color to add in the garden.Happy Days Are Here Again,

So let us all be merry;

Be jolly as the days go by,

And sweet as a luscious cherry.


Country Gal said...

All looking beautiful ! Have a great day !

Sunray Gardening said...

Love them all. I really like Coral Bells. Have numerous of them myself. Would love to do some other Roses and when I see yours makes me think I should, but I am now out of space in my yard so I get to enjoy yours.

Becca's Dirt said...

Love the Coral Bells. They have such interesting foliage. What a rose. That thing is huge. Beautiful.

In the header - is that your house?

Winchester Daily Photos said...

Beautiful roses, I have some silk ones that look like this - of course the real ones are the best!

Lona said...

Oh your roses are blooming. They are so pretty. Some of mine are getting little buds so maybe soon I will have some too. I always love looking at your Peace rose. So pretty.

Lynda said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, beautiful!!!

Darla said...

Looking good.. I like to measure my blooms too, lol.