Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the beautiful hills and mountains of Arkansas the the cold clear streams and rivers are full of Rainbow Trout. Here is a stream rushing to the clear White River you can see the Trout swimming around ,it is so clear and when the water

is low you can wade out and stand knee deep in the cold river.
This is a hay barn close to the camp site in Cotter close to Mountain Home ArkansasThere has been so many bad storms and tornado's there this week some of the small towns have first suffered with flooding now tornado's.
We had a bad night watching the storms ravish the place's from Texas across the south in to upper states and we are to have more storms that will start around 3:oo pm today we are planning our safe place to go to. The day is to be warm with sunshine until????
Sorry but I am so sad


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Patsy, It seems that the weather is bad all over..too much rain..too much is cold has to warm up some to storm:(

Lynda said...

The weather has been horrible to some. That is sure. We thought we would get bad storms again yesterday (Thursday) but fortunately it was just rain.