Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sweet Child?

When I was about 9 years old Mother took my sister and I to a Nun at a very small Church so we could learn to play the piano I had my first lesson came home. My sister sit down and played . Later after dinner it was my turn I think mother had to make me sit down to play.
Daddy came in to read the paper and I was just pecking and not very happy. Daddy said Patsy do you want to play the piano or go out side a play with your friends.
You guessed it I said go out side and play. That was the last of my lessons. My sister took for a long time and was very good.
I have regretted it all my adult life that I made that choice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy, I wonder if you can take virtual piano lessons online?? I did not have many neighborhood kids to play with growing up and I spent many hours practicing piano.
Hope you are having a nice day.

Donnie said...

When we were kids my mother made me take tap dancing and my brother take guitar. I wanted to learn the guitar and, you guessed it, my brother wanted to dance. Neither one of us can do either.

misslynda said...

I wonder if your mom got mad at your dad for giving you that choice? If we could all have some 'do-overs', we might make different choices.

Winchester Daily Photos said...

I'm just learning to play now. Had my 4th lesson today!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are never too old Patsy..go for it! I never learned to play either..I really wanted I made sure my daughters both had lessons...they still both play..I liked to hear them practice as I was preparing supper:)