Friday, January 14, 2011

No Divorce for me

This is the story of my Waterford Biscuit BarrelNew 2010
This is one of the 12 days of Christmas Biscuit Barrel's
A small Biscuit Barrel

This was given to the Bennie and I 32 years ago on
Christmas by a family member of his. We were told
if you ever divorce I want it back. I love my Waterford
Biscuit Barrel so much I have keep The Bennie.


Charlene said...

Looks like you got a bargin...Bennie and the biscut jar.

Mildred said...

Oh how cute you two are! Get Bennie to make some "biscuits" for that jar!!!! You two have a great weekend.

Carol said...

You are a very wise woman to want to keep both! : )


Darla said...

Gotta keep the good with the bad Patsy!! lol


My mum had one exactly the same. Ya I would keep both lol. Have a great weekend !

Donnie said...

That is beautiful and such a great reason to stay together.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful..even if it is empty! I think you should keep the Bennie too! Thanks for the smile Patsy..I needed it! :)

misslynda said...

Beautiful - - - and worth staying married to keep it!