Saturday, November 14, 2009

Little Things

Little words in love expressed
Little wrongs at once confessed,
Little graces meekly worn,
Little slights with patience borne,
These are treasures that shall rise
Far beyond the shining skies. Unknown

It is the little words you speak, the little thoughts you think, the little things you do or leave undone, the little moments you waste or use wisely, the little temptations which you yield to or overcome--the little things of every day that are making or marring your future life.
Selected, from Thoughts for the Quiet Hour
From Streams In The Desert


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Life in a nutshell...
Truer words never spoken, makes one think !
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Nice post today Patsy and I especially love that butterfly photo. Enjoy your Sunday.

Darla said...

I so needed this...with me not feeling well lately, I have had some ugly thoughts and a very sharp tongue....thanks!

Shelley said...

I enjoyed this and needed this today too!

W. Latane Barton said...

like your idea about chosing one of our blog friends to post something about each month. You want to go first or do we set a date to do it or ... hey, you come up with the rules and I will obey them. ha ha

blushing rose said...

G'morn Patsy ~ I have good news ~ you won the Tote gift parcel giveaway. TY for entering. We will post another tomorrow so be sure to enter again.

I have your address so I will get it off to you today.

Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

bennie and patsy said...

Oh boy I won.