Saturday, August 2, 2008

Village Library

I have been reading a lot from our Library. Peg was instrumental in improving and updating our library for many years. She not only contributed with her time but with items to decorate the library as well. We lost Peg recently due to a long illness. These are two Village volunteers, Sally and Doris. And two of the books I just read. Sarah Canary by Karen Joy Fowler a true story of The Washington Territory 1873 but Sarah was untrue story line. Very weird story. The Haven was a true story about World War 2 refugee's and how they came to America by Ruth Gruber. Good read.


Frank Baker said...

Great blog. I hereby declare you Blogger Extraordinary, and bestow upon you all the rights and privileges of this accomplishment. Men's breakfast was lean in numbers, but The Bennie did a good job

bennie and patsy said...

Thank You Frank for bestoeing me,

bennie and patsy said...

and bestowing.