Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ops ! that is a onion and a boy

Thank you Barbara
of Ramblings from an English Garden for my award. I am strutting like one of Front Porch Indiana's girls making a announcement. I do love comments on my blog. So to award Zetor I send to


Christine said...

LOL, Hey that's Bob!!! You're a peach, thanks for stopping by and hanging out on the porch with me.

Linda said...

Thank you for this award, Patsy. I am honored you enjoy visiting my blog. I very much appreciate comments on my blog. I also enjoy popping in on your blog to see what you and Bennie have been up to. Peach cobbler is my favorite. Tell Bennie it looks yummy!

Lenna said...

Hi Patsy,
Thanks for the award and for adding my blog to your site, much appreciated, have a fabulous day.
Warmly Lenna TN said...

Thank You Patsy for the award. I will try to live up to it! The peach cobbler looks great. I made a cobbler to take to a family reunion. It was in a 9 X 13 baking dish and half of it was blueberry and half was cherry. I will put some pictures on my blog of the occasion. Thanks again! Clara