Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hat's today

Ok Clara, Cloody and Frank and all of blogland, let us see your hats. Here are mine.

Red Hat, , Sun hats, Safari Hat, and my Cowboy Hat From my Texas days on the ranch.


Frank Baker said...

Oh me! Now I have been challenged, and I'm not sure i I have a hat. Maybe I can borrow some from Mason Day. It's a great idea. You need to spend more time at the garden.

bennie and patsy said...

Bennie said he did not want you to miss out shelling pea's and butterbean's so he hung some on your back door, Frank. He had me in the garden at 6:00 this moring picking them.
Patsy TN said...

O.K. give me a while and I will post some Hat pictures! I DO like hat's and yours are great. Do you wear them or just look at them? Clara