Thursday, June 8, 2017


From the American scene
You got to love old barns. With forty  acres and a mule the farmer 
feeds his family and knew God was in charge of climate conditions.


Mildred said...

My great grandfather was a farmer but he died when I was one, so I have no memory of him. I love to photograph old barns but there are not many left here in GA.

Mari said...

I love old barns and take lots of pictures of them. I'm sad I never got one of the barn on the farm I grew up on. It's gone now, so I never will. :(

Karen said...

This looks like Papa's barn. Have a blessed weekend.

racheld said...

Oh, that sweet old barn! Can't you just smell the dust and hay and long-ago farm animals who sheltered there? And that side-space---can't tell if it's big enough for a tractor, or was the era a time for storing a wagon beneath? There seems to be a sheltered hay-loft, but can'e see a floor for the shadows.

Our first house we built in Mississippi was faced all outside with those wonderful old silver cypress boards from tenant houses on the Place. And I have several picture-frames Daddy made of old barn-boards, framing Southern country scenes.

Hope you and Mr. The Bennie are enjoying weather as glorious as ours has been for a couple of weeks---doors and windows open to the loveliest breeze.


Rose said...

Did you read that book 40 acres and a Mule by Janet Holt Giles?

I do love old barns...they are a passion of mine.

Winifred said...

Great photo. Lots of people here have done barn conversions & live in them. That would be great!

A Colorful World said...

Wonderful the barn!