Friday, August 12, 2016

Sun flowers and Zinnias

 Reach for the sun
 These were planted in The Bennies large garden 
the first time we lived in Arkansas, 2005--2009
We sold my horse when we moved back to Tennessee,
couldn't bring him to the big city. If you live in Texas
you had to have a horse?? (just my way of thinking!)
His name was Red


Far Side of Fifty said...

Your sunflower is the best!! :)

Mildred said...

I love these blooms. Red is a great name for your beautiful horse.

Mari said...

Two of my favorite flowers!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I hope Red is doing well. I bet it was a sad day when you had to sell him. The flowers are beautiful. They are so perfect that they look fake!

Simply Linda said...

Love the flowers....and love the horses name. smiles

Sparky said...

Pretty! Mine have peaked and are already a memory. I miss their bright 'smiling faces' in the garden. ~:)

L. D. said...

Two of my favorite things!!!!. I like the sunflowers bold shape and color. I like your zinnias are of all different colors. My small sunflower is in decline now.

Winifred said...

They are gorgeous.

Any photos of Red? My daughter & granddaughter have a couple of horses. I'm a bit scared of them. Too big for me!