Thursday, July 21, 2016

Staying In

 To hot and humid to be out side long. A neighbors flower.
 I guess the little fairy's need shade too! 
Guess this lucky  neighbor has some.

 I saw this out my window, It stayed on the ground
 to long
so knew something was up.
 Poor butterfly was gone to butterfly heaven.
So I put it here.
Stay cool!


Simply Linda said...

awe on the here too, suppose to be 96 here today in western NY.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Yes, the heat wave has begun! Hotter each day till Tuesday. LOVE that cool planter. The butterfly looks unharmed and not losing color or sick. But they only live a few days I think. So he must have died of natural causes.

Lady Jane said...

You would never know he or she had gone to butterfly heaven... Love your planter. Hugs, lJ

L. D. said...

I think the heat must have taken out the swallowtail. It is hot here too.

Charlene said...

It is definitely hot and humid here. Sooo grateful for air conditioning. Nice post.

Mari said...

It's so ht and humid here too.
Pretty butterfly... :(

Maggie Ann said...

Thinking of butterflies and things.....did you ever read 'Girl of the Limberlost' by Gene Stratton-Porter? I love that book and movie! Enjoyed your post.....=) Maybe the fairies will come live in your posies too! We can imagine it. This heat just drains the life out of me....but I am enjoying reading alot.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hot here too! Such a pretty Butterfly even in death:) Hi to the Bennie:)