Friday, July 1, 2016

As You Can Guess

 Today was coffee and doughnut  day
Didn't get a photo of the men, They sit at table with OUT women
They were busy congratulating one of the 80+ men on his announcement.
He is getting married Aug. 12 at the Club House. And they had prayer
for him????
We have found out love is very much alive here in our community.
Waiting  on more yarn  for granddaughters scarf 
 I got my rainbow color ribbon yarn out and started me a scarf 

Photo in the book
not granddaughter, but  think I have yarn
to make this long scarf.
Will most likely  give it to her.


Simply Linda said...

All I saw was the word "doughnuts" {{{giggling}}}--- I think that is so sweet about the 80 year old getting married...truly, Patsy, it is...smiles

Have a Joyful weekend, friend. (waving to the Bennie)

Charlene said...

Wonderful that Love is in the air in your community. Love knows no age limit in fact may be even sweeter after 80. I really like the yarn you are using where did you purchase it. I want to knit a couple of scarfs for Christmas and the yarn is so colorful. Happy Fourth of July. We are all so Blessed to live in America.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Looks like you have lot going on there! The yarn is beautiful!

L. D. said...

People love doughnuts. Makes coffee taste so much better. I learned to drink coffee at a Dunkin Doughnut place. Looks like a fun scarf to make.

Mari said...

You have so much fun there! Hooray for love at any age. :)
Love the yarn!

Far Side of Fifty said...

That will be a pretty scarf!!
So Romance is alive and well in your parts! I cannot imagine marrying at 80...but I wish him much happiness...he probably needed that prayer too!
Does The Bennie get lots of AARP stuff? :)

Patsy said...

Yes, yes and we dropped them a long time ago.

Maggie Ann said...

Its a smile maker to hear of love and a wedding at 80! How nice, hope they have a blessed time together. I am inspired by the scarf you are knitting. Its so cheerful, it must be fun to work with that yarn that changes colors in your hands. I need to get doing something like knitting or spinning. I've gotten quite lazy with the fatigue.

Mildred said...

Cute about praying for the groom to be!
Coffee and doughnuts - a winning combo!
I never learned to knit or crochet. This is pretty yarn.