Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Big Storms

Trash, limbs and leaves, peoples roofs damaged, had
 80+ winds. Lots of damage all over town.
We are doing ok, just been cleaning the yard up.
Started the clean up at 6:00 am and it was hot, we looked like
we had been swimming so wet. Had my shower and went back
to bed for a nap.


Mari said...

Glad you're ok. Sounds like a lot of cleanup though. Beautiful photo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy, Thankful that you and Bennie are safe. It is just so terribly hot; be careful working in the yard. We had the heavy rain but were spared the strong winds.

Simply Linda said...

We had that here on Tuesday...glad y'all are ok. Have a lovely day my friend. Blessings

Linda E said...

We have had the same weather here, but this morning the sun is shining. Hope your day is shiny too!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Glad you are okay, take it easy on the cleanup. We have had storms to the south of us and today it is rumbling:)

Vee said...

Oh what a lot of work to do in the heat. It's very warm for us here, but not like yours. Each night we hewr of storms...microbursts that pop up ad do a lot of damage in a localized area. Trees down, roofs ripped off, hail, gardens destroyed. It seems weird to me. Praying for an uneventful and milder August.