Friday, July 3, 2015

A Little Rain, A Little Sun

Storms are rolling in and out now and last three days.
we got a hard rain last night. Glad we don't have to water today.
 I am going to eat that tomato for lunch can you guess with what?
 I love these Blue Daze, so blue and they trail over the pot.
Dear Lily you make me happy to just look at you. This year blogger gardeners
have so many different colors to show off and theirs are doing great. 


Latane Barton said...

nice looking tomatoes. Yum.

Linda E said...

That one tomato will be delicious! I had my first one yesterday for breakfast with bacon and biscuit. Yummm. Rain does make the flowers so much prettier. We have had our share for the past week, so ready for some sunshine.

Anonymous said...

I think a bacon, lettuce and tom sandwich would be tasty!
We've had a lot of rain for about 3 days. The guy that cuts our grass has not been able to cut it, so we are looking kinda wild!!!
I bet that lily has a sweet fragrance. Sure is pretty.

L. D. said...

All three photos show great colors. The stargazer is wonderful and I can smell it from here.

Sparky said...

I wish it would rain here. Our tomatoes are a bumper crop this year. We've been putting them in almost everything trying to use them up.. ~:)

Mari said...

We had rain yesterday, sunshine today. The tomato looks so good, I can almost taste it!
We used to have 2 stargazer lilies, but they didn't come back last year. They sure are pretty.

Simply Linda said...

Yum 'maters, smiles. Happy July 4th Patsy and Bennie...looks rain here, hopefully it will stop before the parade at noon. At least it is not hot and humid here. Blessings