Monday, June 29, 2015

On A Missionary Journey

This is my baby brother and right out of High School he went to war.
It has been 50 years ago. He still suffers from injuries, more now that
he is up in years.
 This is my grandson , he is now in Vietnam telling them
the good news about Christ.
It is very emotional  for me to know he is in a place that had
so many memories of fear and dread for my mother and father that my
 brother would not survive. God is good and he did. I am happy my
grandson is there to tell them about Christ's love for them
and not because of war but I want him back home soon.


Karen said...

Praise the Lord! Isn't it wonderful that the Gospel is being preached there. I will pray for him. My son is planning a mission trip to Nepal in August.

Sparky said...

Is that you next to your brother? Nice photo. I think Vietnam would be a great place to visit. They offer many exciting motorcycle roads and one can take tours around the country. I pray your grandson stays safe. Tell him, though, we need missionaries here. Our country is lost and fading fast. ~:)

Patsy said...

Yes that is me, I am 9 years older then my brother.
My grandsons church here is letting these Vietnamese
use there church until they get one. They ask if anyone
would go home with them for a visit and my grandson was the only one that said he would go.

Simply Linda said...

We always need people to spread the good news/gospel. Kudos to your grandson...Blessings sweet friend.

Linda E said...

God's Word needs to get around the world and I know you are happy that your grandson is doing just that. But as family, we want them on the good old USA shore as well.

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

This is where His words are needed most - post War to repair and teach others who have been scarred by its effects. xx

Lady Jane said...

You must be busting with pride for your grandson. He is doing a wonderful thing spreading the Word. I will keep him in my prayers that he is safe while doing the Lords work. Hugs, LJ

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing about your brother and your grandson. I thank your brother for his service to our Country. God bless your grandson and keep him safe. I know you are proud of him. Praying for you and Bennie, also. Love, M

Mari said...

It's wonderful that your grandson is now sharing good news in that place that held so much fear for so many. I'm thankful for what he's doing and what your brother did! I really enjoyed the photos!