Monday, June 8, 2015

Do You Check For Cracks

I always do , I hate to get home with broken eggs, and I want
a full dozen. Today we paid $1.00 more  for eggs than last week.
They say it is because of Avian Flu outbreak in the chickens.
Don't know what we should give up, but if food keeps going up
something will have to give.
 I have been in a real funk  for a few weeks
Doctors appointments for me and the Bennie. He had to go in for more test and
could mean surgery. Had a death in the family, roof damage from storm with water in the hall.
Grass dead where we did all that work from water boys run off in side yard. I must stop here.
It will all work out and I will get out of my funk soon????


Linda E said...

Dear friend, I get in those blue moods too. One day good, and the next not so good. Praise His name, it does pass....eventually. Just know you are not alone. Blessings to you.

L. D. said...

Yes, millions of chickens are being destroyed in northern Iowa. The chickens and the turkeys have that flu. There is one egg place a county down from us that was also diagnosed too. I didn't know we were a major egg producer but I do know now that we are. My wife always wiggles the eggs just like her dad. I do it now in her honor when she sends me for eggs. I guess the turn around time is fast to raise a hen but they have to figure out when they houses will be germ free.

Sparky said...

I always check the eggs. Part of the reason for the increase is the rampant inflation that the Fed says doesn't exist. Been in a bit of funk myself lately. Hope your's is short lived. ~:)

Mari said...

I always check the eggs too. The price here has really shot up!
Sorry you're in a funk. Hope you are soon feeling better!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Hope your funk goes away soon, I've been in one of those moods myself this week :)
Yes, I check for cracks, my daughter has chickens so if were lucky she'll drop a dozen of fresh eggs by, on her way to town.
Hope you feel better and the Bennie too !

Simply Linda said...

Yep...funk mood here too...many different reasons on sorry to read about a death, I check for cracks and eggs are $1.89 for a dozen here, they did go up from a $1. Yep, they were $1--milk is $2.89 a gal.- that's what I have been telling my mil (she says they pay nearly $4 for 1/2 gal in Alabama)--food is cheaper here--anyways...keeping you in prayer. Blessings

Kay said...

I always check for broken eggs, but there have been times I still get home with a cracked one. I only buy Eggland's Best Eggs. They seem to have a better flavor than the other brands. I buy them no matter what the cost.