Friday, May 1, 2015

Not Much Longer

 but soon the Peonies will bloom
 White rose will to and the Lady Bug is checking.
 first red Knock Out rose
Just look at that big bud on the Poppy

Run Off Water Boy And the Bennie had a set to about what we were doing.
He said he didn't want (his) water running back in his yard and no matter what he
was going to have a dry yard.  He is young and Bennie was very patient with him and
tried to explain what he wanted was unreasonable and we were not going to comply to him.
He said if the water came back on him ,he was going to dig a ditch and Bennie said only on your
property. Then he said I am not mad I just want my kid to have a dry place to play.
It cost us 500.00 to get the work done, Dirt ,Grass and labor and the sump pump cost around 100.00
that went in the back yard.


Anonymous said...

Your peonies will be lovely!

I will continue to pray that your neighbor will behave himself and listen to what Bennie is saying. You cannot continue to pay to repair damage he is causing.

Ginny said...

Perhaps the court could order a mediator? If this guy drives me so crazy, I can't imagine about YOU! Your blood pressure must be through the roof. My favorite here is the ladybug on the rose.

Mari said...

Everything is going to be beautiful very soon!
Water boy is clearly not thinking. He makes no sense!

Far Side of Fifty said...

His child should not be playing on a side yard anyway...what kind of an idiot is he? Keep taking photos Patsy. I hope you grass grows, you have went to a lot of expense because of such a dumb neighbor:( Good for The Bennie remaining patient!

Simply Linda said...

Shaking my head on that neighbor situation...I just love that ladybug that has attached herself to the flower. Thanks for sharing. Blessings