Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We Had Snow

at 6:00 this morning, didn't stick. The sun came out but it is cold
I needed sun shine in the house so I got these.
I will juice them for more Vitamin C at breakfast. Need all we can get, Arkansas is
having a bad flu and cold thing. One school had 200 out sick.

Now how did that little pig get there?

I was ask  about my sea shells , I covered the bowl at a art class and put the shells on the out side
inside it is full of shell from  the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Yes, eat all the vitamin C you can get, I've just finished off two "Cuties", easy to peel little clementines, I'm addicted to them.
Love your sea shell bowl, so artsy.
Stay well !

Trish C said...

I like your kind of sunshine...good for what ails more ways then one.

Ginny said...

Thanks for the answer! It is really cool! Your kitchen must smell awesome! The flu is bad here, and now we find out that the flu shot is probably not effective. Children are not even allowed in the hospitals now.

Mari said...

Fresh juice sounds great! Lots of snow here, with 6-10 inches more predicted for tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

It is 4 degrees in GA this a.m.
Your oranges look delicious.
Hope you two have a warm and safe day.

L. D. said...

We received oranges and apples from a neighbor. We hit the vitamin C often because of the cold weather and what it brings.

Simply Linda said...

Do you want our snow? I will glady send it to you, giggles. Loveeeee the pig, Patsy. Blessings

Sparky said...

Pretty table setting. I take Vitamin C tabs instead of eating the oranges now. Too much sugar with the "real" thing for me. The little pig is cute, let him stay! Hope y'all warm up soon. ~:)

Maggie Ann said...

12 degrees here! I am enjoying my 'Magic Puzzles' again. That is such a nice app the way they give you 30 free puzzles every month. Hoping not to get sick! Your oranges look very cheery. I need sunshine too!

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

You take that Vitamin C and look after yourself. Oranges give a great visual treat as well as health properties, so a win win situation. xx