Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trivia (Good Old Saying)

If the demagogue would forget the art
Of having people GRIND THEIR AXES,
Every one would have a lot more
And we would have to pay less taxes.

To get the axe --  dismissal ( job)

And axe to grind -- an ulterior motive--a grievance-- a pet subject

(The Brit) severe cutting down of expenditure, Esp the removal of unprofitable sections of a public service.

Taxes are NEVER levied for the benefit of the taxed.

It's coming in March!!!!


Simply Linda said...

oh don't even get me going on this one/subject. Smiles

racheld said...

Thank you, as always, for dropping in at Lawn Tea. I hated to spend the extra on the book, but just wanted to see it with the pictures lined up.

A bit of Ax Trivia that I just happened to mention to Chris last night:

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln's friends and fellow lumberjacks/ fence builders/workers in wood used to pit him against newcomers or braggers in the camp? Nobody could ever beat him at picking up the big ax by the very tip of the handle, holding it with the very tips of his fingers and thumb, (you know, like with a baseball bat after the hands-on-the-handle thing) and then stretching it and his arm out straight horizontal in the air. They could never straighten it up, let alone hold it there.

Now you kids turn to page forty in your algebra books.


Ginny said...

More taxes coming? Oh my, maybe we are too old, that would be a good thing.

Sparky said...

There will be more taxes. Thanks to the idjits that voted for Obama and those of like mind. I say it's time to take an axe to the clowns in our government. ~:)

Mari said...

It's time for another tea party!