Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sick little Boy and a Birthday Today

 Two of my great grandsons, this is Micah and he is in the Children s Hospital.
He cut his foot playing bare foot in the yard. Have him on IV.  I Pray he will be fine.
This is Bryson his big brother and he is 7 years old today.
Happy Birthday.


Mari said...

Cute little guys! I'll pray for Micah, hope he goes home soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Bryson and may God bless Micah. Keep us updated.

Lynda said...

Oh how difficult on the heart and energy to have a little one in the hospital. Why is he on an IV? Did they have to sedate him to sew his foot? Seven years old is a great age - - still a kid but starting to enjoy being "big". Precious times.

Ginny said...

Oh, they are both really beautiful! Did he need stitches?

racheld said...

Oh, little Micah, I hope you are well and home soon!

Prayers for his healing and relief, and not to be afraid. And special prayers for his Mama and Daddy, too, in the stress and exhaustion and worry---nothing lies on your heart like a sick baby.


Carol said...

Praying for little Micah.


Marie said...

Happy Birthday to Bryson. And I'm so sorry to hear about Micah's injury!