Thursday, March 13, 2014

Flower of 2013

Nasturtium Crimson Emperor
Did you know the leaves and flowers are edible? The leaves are a peppery
flavor, goes well with tossed salads.

The Bennie is fever free, but very weak. He is sitting up a little longer each day.
I miss lead you all with my blog, I was so happy he was getting better I made it sound like we
were having our anniversary it is not until Aug. Thank you any way.


Anonymous said...

Thankful Bennie's fever is down. You two take good care.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good news now to totally recover! Enjoy your spring! I always liked Nasturtiums:)

Mari said...

That's ok. We can wish you happy anniversary again in August! Our anniversary is in August too - the 21st.
Glad the Bennie continues to improve.

Simply Linda said...

That's did not mislead us or whatever it is you called it. We will just wish a Happy Anniversary in August!(smiles)

I am glad to read Bennie is a tad bit better. Blessings to you.

Sue said...

Love Nasturtiums, I am planning to plant some this yearI I am so glad that your Bennie is feeling better, I have been praying for you both.

Lynda said...

With him getting a bit better, it's enough reason to celebrate every day!!! None of us are promised tomorrow so we have to be thankful and Praise HIM for what and "who" is in our life today!

Marie said...

Oh, who needs an Anniversary to celebrate a beautiful union....that should be done every day! :-) So glad Bennie is doing much better. I know how happy you are about that!

LOVE nasturtiums...they are one of my favorite flowers!

Lona said...

I have never grown nasturtiums because they were always orange in color and I am not to keen on orange. But they have started to come out in better and brighter colors now and I may have to try the red ones. :) Glad to hear that the Bennie is on the mend. Take care.