Friday, March 7, 2014


It is like The Bennie is 2 again, please take this it will make you feel better.
He has run fever now the 4th day. He is going to the doctor this morning.
 The birds have been pecking and scratching  like chickens  in this ground.
Remember the yellow Pansy's I planted the last of February?
Not to worry they will come back (I hope).


Sue said...

I am so sorry the Benny is so sick, I will be praying for him.
My pansies have been looking pretty bad all winter. today we are having rain, high winds, and cold temps. The good news is won't be as long as it has been. ~smile~
Thank you for your sweet comment on my last post.

Enjoy your day

Anonymous said...

So sorry Bennie is sick. Please let us know what the dr. says.

My experience with pansies is they bloom even better after being snowed on!

linda said...

Hoping the doctor can give Bennie something to help.

Simply Linda said...

Praying for Bennie to feel better. I am pretty sure your flowers will be back again. Blessings

racheld said...

I've been hoping that you were all well and warm with that big swath of cold that left us and headed your way.

And I hope Mr. The Bennie is up and around and all well again very soon.

Not long til SPRING!!


Lynda said...

It is frightening when adults run fever so long. Hopefully it will be a simple diagnosis and quick remedy.

Maggie Ann said...

I"m so sorry to hear your hubby is so sick. May God heal him soon! We will pray for him.

No that rose picture I posted was not from the watercolor app....just a vintage card. You may copy and use it if you'd like. I think they said I may do that but not sell the images of old time clip art.

You take care, I know how tiring illness is on everyone. xo Maggie Ann

L. D. said...

I don't know if I have anything similar but I went home from working thinking the house was too warm. My wife is freezing and after a few asprin I quit glowing in my face. It has been around for a few days. Some people vomit with it, I just had a very sour stomach. Bennie needs to get well soon. Take care both of you.

Mari said...

Praying Benny feels better quickly!