Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Bennie

Fixed dinner last night-So good
Mixed Vegetables and Shrimp Tempura
Recipe on Cooking 4 Love


Anonymous said...

Both my late mom and John love shrimp. The veggies look delicious too!

racheld said...

One of our very favorite treats! I even love the way the colors and shapes look as they're laid out awaiting their batter and fry.

And Caro got a terrific new WOK for Christmas---she made us scrambled eggs in it Christmas morning. And Mapo tofu later in the week.

My favorite pieces are the green peppers and broccoli, and I really like the soft rounds of sweet potato cooked that way.

Best to you and Mr. The Bennie on this cold snow-covered day,


Sparky said...

It must be the cold weather. So many are posting recipes tonight. :) That looks really scrumptious and appetizing! YUM! ~:)

Betsy Brock said...

I haven't made tempura in ages! Looks like yours turned out perfectly! Yum!

Lynda said...

It looks beautiful even if I am not a shrimp eater. Grew up on a dairy farm and very few fish make me happy.

Sue said...

Looks delicious! love shrimp! my dh likes to cook also! Thanks for sharing.