Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Frank's Picnic Table

I tried to get him to send me a photo of his  picnic table  with the ice on it from the unusual storm they had in Houston yesterday. But he didn't, so I had to empervise.

It really wasn't this bad at all.

I never get tired of this photo. It was taken on a day in  February  when we went to visit Frank and Cloody.
It was like a spring day. 


Anonymous said...

It really is beautiful.
We warmed up to just above freezing today. Most of the ice melted off the drive, thankfully.

Lynda said...

The springtime table is gorgeous - - warms me up just to look at it!

Sue said...

beautiful springtime table, I will take that over a snow covered one anyday. Thanks for sharing,

Simply Linda said...

What pretty pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime. I am going to add you to my reading list if that's ok. Blessings

L. D. said...

I will comment on the table itself. The second one is a great design and not your usual style.