Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Made A Cake

 Mildred over at Maple Lane now Blackberry Lane. Had a
Pistachio Nut Cake on her post Sunday 06 2013.
It is so good.


Anonymous said...

John is on the next bus to your house!!!!!!

Your cake looks delicious and I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Patsy said...

Come on down!
You can see I poured Chocolate syrup over it.

Sue said...

Looks delicious, I have been baking cookies and mailing them to family in other states! Thanks for sharing.

racheld said...

Gorgeous!! Did you make that little moat around the middle or does that occur naturally?

Best to you both, and hope your eyes are just PERFECT now!


Love Of Quilts said...

Looks Delicious!

james jhonson said...

Look delicious.....I have learned to this post how to make the Delicious cake as well as how to present the cake with extra creams???????

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