Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Did A Bad Thing

The Bennie was getting his ingredients ready to make his Basil Pesto with clams.
As usual I was not thinking much about what he was doing in the kitchen (I just do the KP). He went out to pull
the basil, came back in mad as an old wet hen. Patsy Carolyn!!!! he always uses my middle name when he is mad. WHY did you pull up my basil when you cleaned the dead plants out of the garden???? Well I am sorry but I ask him when I was in the garden if he wanted to pull and dry his basil and he said no. How is that for bad communication.
We did have the Pesto but not with fresh basil. He is so sweet and didn't stay mad long.


Maggie Ann said...

He sounds sweet...and you did do all that work in the garden! plus you got that great picture of it...lol. Its fun how many different turns a day can take.

Country Gal said...

OOPS !!! Hey , ya snooze ya loose . Glad he didn't stay mad for long . I do the same thing with Papa when he hears his full name, well RUN !! Have a good day !

Far Side of Fifty said...

Of course he didn't stay mad long..he is a sweetie:)

Lynda said...

Sounds like the communication at our house some days! When we ask, they need to answer - - and remember the answer they gave.

Marie said...

Ouch! :-) I have three different basil plants, and we don't use it much, but I love having it.