Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guess Who"s

Our repair man for the air conditioning went out.
104  and a weekend.


Anonymous said...

Patsy, I am so sorry. God bless you and Bennie.

Sue said...

I am sorry your AC is on the blink, Patsy, I am praying right now that it will be fixed today, we are cooking here in N.C. breaking all kinds of records.

Carol said...

Oh, goodness, Patsy! I'm so sorry! Hope you have some fans or can go stay with friends, or even better maybe go to a motel.

Smiles & hugs,

Marie said...

YIKES! Hope you get them fixed soon!

Lynda said...

How are you coping? I, too, pray it will be fixed today.

Lona said...

I feel for both of you Patsy. We just went without electricity for 40 hours and it has been awful. Air conditioning is such a wonderful thing. Take care now.