Saturday, June 2, 2012

Branches and Twigs of my Family

There is a love story that came with this picture. When he came back from war they had 10 children.
Just look at this family , they all have shoes and dresses a like.  They look like a very hard working and loving family.
I think Papa with his stick kept them in line it is not a walking stick. I don't see maw but if you look you can tell each family group the hand will tell you. What do you think and what year was this?


Darla said...

These would look wonderful on tiles for gifts on the tiles are adorable..

racheld said...

Miss Patsy,

You DID make me Laugh Out Loud just now that "your flowers are confused" with this weather. I know my houseplants are loving being out where they can be soaked and rained on.

I love the family picture, and will take a better look, but I took MAW to be the woman with the bun in her hair, and her hand on Paw's shoulder.

Best to you and Mr. The Bennie,


Charlene said...

Patsy, the old pictures are wonderful. Have a good Sunday.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I will guess 1880's because of the dresses..high white collars..lots of buttons and tight fitting sleeves..but that is just a guess:)

Marie said...

Fantastic photos! Love these family members and wish I knew all their stories! The matching dresses are so interesting, too!