Tuesday, July 5, 2011

National Bake Bean and Pickle Month

The hot July days call for easy and good things to eat:
I have lived in the south all my life and this is a new one for me.


considered a delicacy in parts of the Southern United States made by soaking dill pickles in mixture of kool-Aid and pickle brine.

Did you know that pickled cucumbers are rich in vitamin C ? Even though pickled cucumbers are considered a fruit.


Ila said...

I've never heard of koolickles. I lived I Arkansas and now live in Alabama. To me dill pickles and lime Koolaid would make sweet dills that tasted like lime. Is this an accurate description?

Lynda said...

Interesting is all I can think to say about Koolickles. I just googled it and saw it was Alton's Brown's recipe. He used cherry kool-aid plus added sugar to the dill brine. Oh my. I think I'll stick with the Kosher original. Thanks for some new information on an old summer favorite.

Lona said...

Well I have never heard of Koolickles. Does it make a difference on what kind of kool-aide you use? I don't know about that one Patsy.LOL!

I like Baked Beans and I like Pickles but maybe not together. LOL!