Thursday, July 28, 2011

The dear Bennie had to have his nose worked on today. I didn't go in with him because it hurts me to watch them do it . So when he came out he saidglad you didn't go in with me . The nurse said she knew it was going to hurt and gave me a big hug and held my hand .

The big APE


Marydon said...

I know his pain. Hope he feels better soon. I had my cancer reconstruction of the nose worked on today.

Have a great weekend.

Linda J. said...

You just gotta love that Benny!!

Linda J. said...

Oops, Bennie. My broken shoulder has affected my brain. (no joke!)

Charlene said...

What a cute email is still messed up, but Ervin and I are back from London....Stay cool

Darla said...

Hope he is doing better!